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Enhance your skills within the workplace and add value to your current role

You can find forklifts being used in almost all industries from retail to construction and they can be incredibly useful pieces of equipment, this does however come with significant risk.

Due to the relatively simple design and controls there is often a misconception that operating one of these vehicles is easy, the reality is more complicated.

Despite the compact size, most forklifts weigh in excess of 1 tonne and can easily topple which unsurprisingly makes them a common cause of life changing injuries if used improperly, not to mention the financial implications from any subsequent injury claims.

Operating these machines in a safe and controlled manner require control, planning and patience, all of which are taught on a course with Transtech. By choosing Trantech you can ensure that you get all of the training you need, from becoming an expert in the manual controls to understanding the theory behind planning manoeuvres.

At the end of our course you will have all of the following;

  • Excellent manual operation skills
  • Thorough understanding of Health & safety requirements and implications
  • Understanding of the types of loads and identifying them in the workplace
  • The best balance between safety, productivity and efficiency
  • Options for advanced training and additional certification
  • Most importantly, confidence to pass your final exam

If you are ready to give yourself the best chance of success then make the smart choice and start the journey with Transtech.



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With over 30 years combined experience, our instructors can answer any question you may have!